Monday, June 14, 2010

Women's Day Off

Last Saturday was the women's first day off from the farm in many many weeks.

Mother nature waits for no one! Susan, Robin and I still had a Saturday work day on the farm.

Robin had harvested some wild bamboo the day before, so our first job of the day was cutting the extra branches off to make some sturdy trellising posts from these guys.

We also had a surprising stream of visitors that day, including a local journalist. It's good to see the community showing so much interest in our project.

The zucchini was literally rolling off in bucket loads.

Contrary to popular belief, BIGGER does not always mean better. Zucchini grows tougher as it gets larger. They also accumulate bigger and larger seeds.
However we did find a very impressive-looking one which had grown to roughly the size of a baseball bat.

Susan showing one of the men the right size to harvest a zucchini.

We managed to pick a bucket of green beans, which was promptly distributed to the happy folks in the career center next doors.
The men had to leave soon after they arrived, leaving quite a bit of work left to do. On an immediate note is trellising the beans and tomatoes!! Hopefully we'll have an extra-productive workday next week.

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