Tuesday, July 27, 2010

American Community Gardening Association -- Garden Tour

Our Community Farm Project will be one of the stops on the ACGA's garden tour, which is a part of their annual conference to be hosted in Atlanta this year.

We will participate in the Clarkston Tour, which will also include our international farming friends at Tobie Grant, World Relief, Jolly Ave, and Birch Grove.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Robin.

Dinner at Duck's Cosmic Kitchen

Duck's Cosmic Kitchen will be featuring produce from Our Community Farm Project in their August 19th "eat local dinner." Please call Duck's directly in order to purchase tickets to this event. Robin and Susan will be in attendance, hopefully in the company of at least one of the Burundi women, in order to answer questions about the farm.


Mchicha is a leafy green in the amaranth family. One woman brought the mchicha seeds all the way from Burundi, and the women began referring to is as their "African basil," since it someone resembles a basil plant they saw in an American seed catalog. The seeds turned out to be incredibly productive, and the women enjoy being able to eat such a familiar vegetable that they would never be able to find in a grocery store here.