Friday, April 15, 2011

Farm Mapping

How do you create a farm map with 15 people who don't speak much English? Part of the issue is the too-many-chefs-in-the-kitchen aspect, and the other part is the challenge of translating something complex like crop rotation. This approach ended up working pretty well.

We spent about an hour gathered around the picnic tables discussing our selling plans to determine what vegetables we would plant this summer.

Next, we began looking at our farm map to see what would be possible. Using two large sheets from a flip chart, we created a paper model of the farm.

It became a bit like a puzzle to put all the pieces together. Having flash card pictures of all the vegetables (image on one side, English word on the other) helped us get around the language barriers.

Here is our almost finished product -- looks great!

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  1. The Red Kale I picked up from your farm stand in Grant Park this past weekend kicked butt on the taste factor. Thanks a bunch (no pun intended) and really happy it went in effort to support such a great cause!! –E