Friday, September 17, 2010

Buggin' Out on the Farm

In less than 6 months of working to create a microfarm, the ecosystem at 121 Sams St has exploded with diversity. The space is completely transformed and now is teeming with life. While some of the bug species do inflict harm to our plants, we still welcome their presence because we know we are re-introducing balance to the land. I've been accumulating pictures with my trusty iPhone camera, which I can no longer resist sharing. If I've misidentified anything, speak up!

Praying Mantis on African squash

Two lady beetles, enjoying each other's company

An acrobatic grasshopper

Two grasshoppers, displaying their acrobatic abilities a bit differently

Aphid eggs covering our okra! (Spraying soapy water on these does this trick)

Squash eggs on squash plant. We systematically check for these and crush them before they hatch.

Leaf-footed plant bug, sucking the juice out of our tomatoes. They fly, too!

Japanese beetle on okra.

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